March 28, 2023

“It seems to me that before we set out on a journey to find reality, to find God, before we can act, before we can have any relationship with another…it is essential that we begin to understand ourselves first.”

– Krishnamurti

In this world of chaos and divided allegiances, it is hard to find a place of inner peace and rest. We seek answers to questions such as, “Who am I?” – “What is my purpose in life?” and “How can I effect change in the world?” The Enneagram is an ancient tool that highlights nine ways of being in the world, and can help answer these sorts of questions.

Our personalities are as unique as snowflakes—no two the same. However, in order to most fully embrace life in healthy and productive ways, we need to make sense of how we understand ourselves and how we relate to others. The Enneagram helps us to understand that our personality begins to form in early childhood, and we develop a particular lens for seeing the world. The ways we interact with the world are shown in the work of the Enneagram.

Distinct from other personality inventories, the Enneagram utilizes a spiritual component. This emphasis exposes the inner connectedness of each of the nine types, offering a holistic, you-are-more-than-just-one-type perspective to your Enneagram identity. The crux is that when we live as our true selves, as God intends, we are able to be present in the world as we access our mind, our heart and our bodies.

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